Mega Maid is dedicated to ensuring a secure and healthy learning atmosphere in nurseries and primary schools in Dubai and the UAE. Our superior cleaning standards are meticulously crafted to combat germs in these critical environments, pivotal in the rapid spread of illnesses among young children. Utilizing chemical-free, germ-free maintenance solutions, we not only protect the health of young learners but also elevate the reputation of your educational institution, all achieved with minimal disruption. Recognizing the breeding ground for germs in schools and nurseries, where children interact closely, our high-quality cleaning is integral to maintaining your institution’s esteemed reputation. 

Mega Maid surpasses traditional cleaning by focusing on areas prone to germs, like door handles, light switches, and desktops. We employ advanced cleaning methods to eradicate underlying threats and offer unmatched protection.

We collaborate closely with our clients to tailor a cleaning regimen that aligns with their specific needs, ensuring a seamless transition from existing cleaning operations. Our efficient process includes a detailed audit trail for your records, affirming our commitment to excellence.

Our nursery cleaning services provide a worry-free solution to maintain a professional and clean atmosphere. Employing eco-friendly and chemical-free techniques, we ensure the highest level of sanitization, effectively eliminating harmful bacteria and germs.

Regular nursery cleaning includes comprehensive daily tasks and attention to detail, ensuring every area is impeccably maintained.

Our deep cleaning services extend to thorough sanitization of carpets, walls, floors, window frames, and doors, catering to specific needs such as kitchen areas, and are ideal for annual cleanings or preparing for special events.

We also specialize in touch point sanitization, a crucial step in combating the spread of sickness or viral infections, ensuring a thoroughly sanitized environment for children’s safety and health.

Our methods are KHDA and ADEC-approved.

Since 2009, Mega Maid has specialized in professional cleaning services across the UAE with expertise in, but not limited to, marine vessels such as barges, boats, and yachts. Based in Abu Dhabi, our experienced team offers customizable cleaning solutions, catering to clients for both private and commercial cleaning.



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