Elevate your business environment with Mega Maid’ elite office cleaning. Our comprehensive services, including detailed dusting, polishing, sanitization, and deep cleaning of office furniture and bathrooms, ensure a pristine and efficient workspace. We provide high-quality office cleaning in Dubai and the UAE, focusing on creating a spotless and professional setting for your business operations.

In the modern workplace, where many spend as much time as they do at home, maintaining a clean office is crucial for both efficiency and health. We offer chemical-free cleaning solutions that not only enhance work productivity but also safeguard health by targeting germ-prone areas. We provide flexible cleaning schedules, from daily to weekly services, ensuring your office space consistently reflects your business’s positive image.

Mega Maid offers a range of contract-based office cleaning solutions, tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our services extend beyond traditional office spaces to include cleaning for warehouses, schools, showrooms, clinics, shops, and more, ensuring a versatile and comprehensive approach to commercial cleaning.

Our team is thoroughly trained in various cleaning techniques, from floor buffing to using advanced scrubber driers. We design a detailed cleaning schedule tailored to your office’s specific needs, ensuring every area, regardless of size, receives our high-standard care and attention.

We cater to diverse commercial establishments, from small offices to large corporate buildings, with a range of services that include floor waxing, carpet cleaning, mopping, upholstery cleaning, and trash disposal. Our team is adept at sign board and window cleaning, grout and tile maintenance, pantry cleaning, and ensuring clean, welcoming reception areas and entrances. We also specialize in cleaning and sanitizing high-traffic areas, helping to reduce the spread of germs and create a healthier work environment.

Since 2009, Mega Maid has specialized in professional cleaning services across the UAE with expertise in, but not limited to, marine vessels such as barges, boats, and yachts. Based in Abu Dhabi, our experienced team offers customizable cleaning solutions, catering to clients for both private and commercial cleaning.



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